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Sing on and find your companion

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This process is used in the beginning of a workshop or anything alike in order to introduce the participants to each other.
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The goal of this entertaining ice-breaker is to give people the chance to get to know each other in a different way.


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Setting: Needed are papers with a song on them, 2 copies of each song, and papers and pens for the participants to take notes about each other so as to be able to present each other. The room should be located somewhere where some noise is not minded.

Number of participants: The group should not be too big in order to comply the time window.

Time needed: The estimated amount of time needed is between 60 and 90 minutes for a group of 20 participants..

Ideal conditions: The room should be big enough for all participants to freely move around and should be located where a certain level of noise is of no disturbance.

Pre-Work Required: The facilitator needs to prepare the papers with a song on them. Always two participants have the same song on a paper.

Type of Facilitator-Client Relationship: There needs to be a certain level of trust between the facilitator and the participants as the participants have to sing "in public".

Facilitator personality fit: The facilitator needs to organize the process and presentation.


1. The facilitator hands out the papers with the song to all participants.
2. The facilitator needs to explain the process for the participants. Always two persons have the same song, and they need to sing it out loud in order to find his/her companion, who will be singing the same song.
3. When the couples have found each other they will sit together for ten minutes and do a question & answer session for about ten minutes and tell each other their name, organisation, function, activities, (potential interests etc.).
4. When the couples are done they will all go back to their seats. One after the other the couples will introduce each other. Optional: They can also start by singing "their" song together.

The process is over when all the couples have introduced one another.


Follow-Up Required: There is no follow-up required, but a reflection is of course possible.

Usual or Expected Outcomes: The tangible outcome will be a presentation of the participants of what they have learned about each other, intangible will be will be the relationships evolved between the participants.

Potential pitfalls: If people are ashamed or too shy to participate the whole process will not work.

How success is evaluated: The process is successful when the people are now comfortable with one another and have the feeling they got to know one another a little better.


Source: SEUF Kerala - June, 2006

Alternative names: A cacophonic but effective ice-breaker

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  • Very unique ice-breaker!

    about 2 years ago