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The Empathy Map

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To help a team step into the shoes of the other team to understand their perspective



To help participants improve their relationship.




    1. Explain to the group what an empathy map is (see “Empathy Map” attached).

    2. Ask each team to work separately.

    3. Ask them to draw on the brown paper a face with a few information about the other team: name of the team, mission, number of people, etc.

    4. Ask them to surround their drawing by 6 sections (see “Empathy Map” attached).

    5. Give to each team post-its and a marker per person. Start each section by explaining the content, then have people individually write and place post-its in the appropriate section

    · What does the other team Think & Feel? What motivates them?

    · What do they Say & Do? In public? In private?

    · What do they See? Describe their environment and the problems they face.

    · What do they Hear? What do their colleagues, managers, customers, suppliers say?

    · Pain: What frustrates them? What obstacles do they encounter? What risks do they take?

    · Gain: What are their motivations? What do they want to achieve? How do they measure success?


    WIB#10 Sequence 2

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