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Raise self-awareness on own stereotypes and existing stereotypes in the team; impact of stereotypes on decision-making.



All team members have touched on their stereotypes and how it influences their decisions.




    Step 1 (1')

    Split the team into groups of 6 participants maximum.

    In each group, place the 9 cards in the middle, colored side visible, so that everyone can see them clearly. The participants should NOT look at the hidden side of the cards before the end of the game!

    Read the story written on the "instructions" card.

    Step 2 (2')

    Ask each participant to make an individual selection in silence.

    Step 3 (15')

    Ask each group to discuss and agree on their "top 3" and "bottom 3", describing the reasons behind the choices.

    Step 4 (15')

    Each group presents their selection and the main reasons for their choice. Record the main reasons on flipchart.

    Step 5 (15')

    Debrief Part 1 with everybody: How did you feel doing the game? Looking at the reasons for your choices, what do you think? 

    Can we make the connection to classical stereotypes? Record main stereotypes on flipchart.

    Step 6 (10')

    Invite participants to flip the cards and discover some other characteristics of the passengers.

    Debrief Part 2 with everybody: After flipping the cards, would you make a different selection? Have you experienced situations at Airbus where you think stereotypes have influenced your decisions?

    Make-it-fly moment (2')

    Ask people to reflect in silence on the following: Imagine that you are one of the characters of the game: what would make people select you? What would make them not select you? No debrief needed.


    We all have stereotypes: it’s only an issue when discriminatory decisions are made as a result of these stereotypes.

    Tips for remote: Make a copy of this Jamboard to run it remotely


    WIB#13 Sequence 3

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