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Real-time meeting feedback via mobiles

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This simple solution enables people to gather anonymous feedback instantly from their meeting attendees, both at the end of the meeting, and at any relevant points within the meeting. It takes seconds to set up and can all be done directly from the calendar invite.



To enable better measurement of meeting effectiveness and support improvement




    To initiate real-time meeting (or workshop/event) feedback, simply invite meetings@inspirometer.com when you originally send out the invitation to attendees from you calendar. Then ask your attendees to download the free Inspirometer App via their mobile store. 

    They will need to register their email on the App prior to the meeting in order for the App to link to the details in the meeting invitation. 

    When the meeting starts, the App will provide a button to provide feedback instantaneously via 6 faces. The meeting organiser can see the results and use it to refine their approach, and/or share the results with the attendees (via the App).


    The Inspirometer service is free to all attendees at all times. It is also free to the organiser for the first 30 days. Following the 30 days, a small monthly charge is made to the organiser to cover the cost of providing the service.

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