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Dilemma can be used in any basic workshop where a creativity warm-up is needed. It can be used in Problem Solving, Process Development, Strategic Planning and Team and Community Building.

As an intervention it can be used to deal with Conflicts, generating Creative Ideas, and dealing with Difficult People and/or Situations.
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The intent is to create a group bond and realize everyone's weaknesses and strength. In this exercise it is important to work as a team and exhaust everyone's ideas.


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Types of participants: The people participating have no preference. Everyone is asked to work with everyone. The groups should not be too big.

Ideal conditions: Small to medium size group, active and creative participants with various characteristics - shy, outspoken etc. The more variation the better.

Pre-Work Required: Thinking of a special setting, like your ship gets invaded by Aliens and the captain and the crew are not allowed beyond the main deck. Everyone else is in quarantine because of an infectious disease. What shall the healthy crew members do?

Type of Facilitator-Client Relationship: Facilitator mostly just observes and answers some questions.

Facilitator personality fit: Be open and calm, remain objective


Every group gets informed of the dilemma and has to come up with a plan to save everyone and themselves.


Follow-Up Required: An evaluation of the process should be done: what happened? Who was in charge and why? What was easy, what hard? What changed in the process?

Usual or Expected Outcomes: The group realizing that when things get rough and there is not enough time to debate that it is important to stick together and be part of a whole. Furthermore, people might realize in the process that some strength or weaknesses they thought they had might turn out to be the opposite.

Potential pitfalls: Heated discussions, no resolution

How success is evaluated: The group is successful when they come up with a plan to save themselves and work together in a group with everyone equally challenged.


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Alternative names: State of emergency

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