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Partner choices list

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Ways to quickly create groups / pairs and assign who goes first



makes transitions efficient and fun
use to build connections among participants


Partner choices

Find partner who...

  • made similar color choices today
  • Similar hairstyle
  • Similar texture choices with clothing
  • Similar amount of warmth-retaining clothing
  • Similar footwear
  • Same height

Who goes first:

Minimal discussion --
  • Wearing the brightest colors
  • Longest hair
  • Is wearing the most black 

More discussion / connection --
  • Speaks the most languages
  • Has the most pets / likes cats the most
  • Slept the least hours last night
  • Has the most emails in their inbox
  • Has been in X location the longest (if conference or retreat)
  • Has been in X organization the longest
  • Was born the closest to (place of workshop)

To create groups

  • Shark islands (the whole ground is an ocean, the only way to be safe is to be in an island made of X number of people)
  • Pairs find another pairs to form group of 4 (or 6 or 8, etc.)

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