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Cross Word Exercise

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6 - 9 any
Used to demonstrate gains in collective problem solving
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This illustrates the strength of individual effort, team effort and organizational effort.


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  • Copies of crossword puzzle for each person
  • team and the whole group. A copy of the answers to the puzzle



Types of participants: any

Time needed: 6 - 9 min

Pre-Work Required: none

Type of Facilitator-Client Relationship: any

Level of Difficulty to Facilitate: No specific skills required: requires grasp of scoring and metrics, and ability to add them up and share quickly


Cross Word Exercise
1. A simple illustration is to take the daily crossword from yesterday's newspaper.

2. Split them into teams. Give members an individual copy of the crossword and give them 10 minutes to answer as many as they can.

3. Have them count the completed squares in the crossword grid. Keep track of individual performance numbers and develop averages, means and modes. Then, pass out a clean copy of the same crossword to each team and have them transfer their answers to it as a team exercise.

4. Repeat the scoring process developing average, means and modes for each team.

5. Finally, give them a clean copy again and have them transfer all team's answers into one sheet. Again, score using the same process.

6. Finally, time you take the answers from today's paper to do a quality check against the correct answers.

This illustrates the strength of individual effort, team effort and organizational effort.

Now, debrief their learning using the metrics developed at each step. Should be able to calculate percentage gains from each step and demonstrate synergy using the percentage gains.


Follow-Up Required: None

Usual or Expected Outcomes: realization that collective problem solving can be more effective than individual.

Potential pitfalls: someone solves the problem in the 10 min. for individual work.


Derived from: unknown

History of Development: unknown

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