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Interact and getting to know each other in a session that is longer than 1 day

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Participants are able to get to know the other participants in a program and to experience an informal and relaxed way to get to know other people.


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  • Template with a list of categories, traits for each participant


Pre-Work Required: Collect list of characteristics/traits


We want to spend the next few minutes getting to know each other. We want to know some of the more interesting things about each other


1. I will pass out one sheet per person with 10 categories. Your job is to go around the room and introduce yourself. You should get at least one signature per category. The person with the complete list wins and the person with the most signatures wins.

2. Are there any questions?

3. (Pass out the sheets. If the sheets have not been prepared ahead of time list the categories on a flip-over sheet and ask the participants to write down the list on blank sheets of paper.)

4. You have 20 minutes to complete this assignment. (The number of participants will determine the amount of time that is required. You can make the number of categories smaller for a small group and larger for a larger group.)

5. (When the group has finished getting their signatures you can do a short reflection.)


  • Who has all of the categories signed? (If no one has all of the categories, it is possible that no one fits one of the categories. You can ask what category is not signed and ask if some one fits it. Pass out the prize.)
  • Who has more than 10 signatures? 15? 20? (Keep this up until the person with the most signatures is found. Pass out the prize.)
  • What was for you the most interesting signature?
  • What surprised you the most?
  • What did you learn about the group as a whole?
  • What more would you like to learn about this group?


Follow-Up Required: none

Usual or Expected Outcomes: relaxed atmosphere and everyone know nearly everyone

Potential pitfalls: too informal for some groups


Source: Dale Hunter

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  • I know this activity with same intent and set up in form of a Bingo sheet, called Human Bingo. And have done it with up to 80 persons in the room, it gets a bit loud and you will need lots of prizes!

    over 2 years ago