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Evaluating a set of solutions in a inclusive and fair process. 

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Participants quickly and simply assess potential solutions to a problem. Participants experience a quick and simple evaluation of a set of solution. They experience a feeling of success and satisfaction because it is a fair way of evaluating solutions.


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    Setting: A chart should be created once the number of potential solutions is known



    1. This stage in the process we are going to use a quick and simple technique to evaluate the solutions we have come up with in the earlier stage.
    2. In this one we are going to use 3 criteria to evaluate the solutions. The first is Novelty. Is the suggestion a unique idea, the application of an existing idea in another field and used for the first time in this way or an existing idea but applied in a new way?

    3. The second is Attractiveness. Does the idea completely solve the problem?

    4. The third is Feasibility. Is the implementation of the solution technically, financially and historically (acceptable to the organization) easy?


    1. What we are going to do is to use the chart that is on the wall (see below)
    2. We will put each of the ideas in the left hand column. We will use a scale of one to ten for each of the qualities. (There are several ways of doing this. For the purposes of this exercise we are going to use an average of the group score.)

    3. I would like for each of you to put a number between one and ten for the first solution for each of the qualities. One is low and ten is highest. Any questions?

    4. When they are finished ask them to give their numbers are generate an average (this number must be between 1 and 10.).

    5. Continue with this until all of the items have been ranked.

    6. As you can see, solution X is has the highest score.

    7. For those of you who scored this item the highest, could you say why?

    Go to the next stage.


    (It is a good idea to discuss why this is the case and if there is something else that could be a better solution. There may be additional criteria or ambiguity about the criteria or the solution.)


    Follow-Up Required: An implementation plan needs to be created.


    Derived from: Maike Janssen submitted this as part of a homework assignment in a Facilitation class at The Hanze University in Groningen, The Netherlands.

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    • Clear way of evaluating items without argument. May substitute other criteria for novelty, attractiveness, and feasibility.

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