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The Teleconference Roundtable

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A tool for enhancing personal contact during a teleconference

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There are a growing number of tools for facilitating video conferences and teleconferences. Here is one of the simplest for enhancing personal contact during a teleconference. It is simple, but does take a bit of preparation beforehand.

Purpose: To provide a visual connection with the voices heard during a teleconference.


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  • photographs of each participant



Pre-Work Required: Prior to your teleconference, ask each participant for a small photo that may be used with the rest of the teleconference participants. Make a document with a circle in the center of the page (PowerPoint is useful here). Put the title, date and time of the teleconference into the circle. Add the agenda or focus question if you wish. Place the photos and names of everyone on the call around the circle. I like to put my own name as facilitator at the 6:00 position, and the content expert or speaker, when there is one, at 12:00. Send out the round table collage before the teleconference and ask participants to have it in front of them during the call.


While facilitating the teleconference, use the virtual round table to orient participants to one another. You may go around the table for introductions or questions, you may have each person ask a question of the person on your left and so forth.


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  • Great way to make a dispersed group feel like a group. Could also be done by uploading pictures to an online platform the group is using.

    about 2 years ago
  • Great idea. I do one using post its (in jamboard or mural) so people know who is sitting beside them. If the group is small (10 people) I ask them to put a photo that they like to put beside their name. Next time I will do what you suggest, ask their photo.

    5 months ago