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Making a Team Video

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This exercise can be used as a way of reflecting on the dynamics of an existing team or how people work in new teams.
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Using the principles of team-based leadership, use the existing skills within the team to produce the best possible team product (a video) within the time given and reflect on the team work process and to Experience the perspective of other team members ("seeing with their eyes")


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  • One video camera and tape for every 4-5 participants
  • a way of showing the video to the whole group: TV or projector.



Setting: room set so that the video can be seen

Pre-Work Required: The topic should be relevant to the group. While doing work with the Bulgarian Postal System we used the recent breakup of the Post and Telecom organizations as the topic.

Type of Facilitator-Client Relationship: any

Facilitator personality fit: understands how video equipment works

Level of Difficulty to Facilitate (to be deleted during review): Facilitation skills required



1. You will work in a team of 4-6 members to make a short, 10 to 15 minute video on the topic of ____________. The video must include people outside of your own team or this group (e.g. in the hotel, the city, etc.).

2. Your team has a hand-held camera with a battery pack which will run for about 30 minutes in total. You will have one and a half hours to plan and make the video. At the end of the morning, we will view the video(s) and then talk together about the experience of working in a team.

3. The purpose of the teamwork is to apply the team principles which we have talked about by working on the video, so pay attention to the dynamics of being a team.

4. You should spend about 30 minutes planning the video and about 1 hour making it.


I Preparing to work in the team

1. Please spend 30 minutes discussing what the scenes will be, who will do what -- how you will do the video.

2. I will remind you of the time.II Making the video1. You now have one hour to complete the video.

III Video and reflection

1. Show the first team's video. When done, applaud. Show the second team's video, applaud.

2. Thank you all very much for this opportunity. It is amazing what a team can achieve in such a short time. Let's now turn to the experience we had working in the teams.

3. Conversation:

o What were some of the activities of your group?

o What is something someone said?

o What is something you saw?

o Someone describe the main steps you went through in your team to produce the video.

o When was the work easy?

o When was the work difficult?

o How did members of your team help each other the most?

o What was the least helpful thing that happened in the group?

o What did you learn about working in this team? (You want to get a fairly long list here. Take notes, as you will read them back.)

o As you listen to this list (read it back) what are concerns we should deal with ? or be aware of - during this meeting?


1. Effective teams can be extremely powerful both in what they can achieve and in the opportunity they give us for personal growth.


Follow-Up Required: none

Usual or Expected Outcomes: a video on the topic selected and insight into the way the team works together in producing the video.

Potential pitfalls: technical issues with the equipment.

How success is evaluated: Insights into the way the team works


Source: Jon Jenkins

Derived from: This based on the Focused Conversation Method of the Institute of Cultural Affairs.

History of Development: The particular exercise was developed by the Management for Development Foundation of Ede, The Netherlands for an advanced training of trainers course for business trainers in Poland.

Recognizable components: This is based on the Institute of Cultural Affairs' Focused Conversation Method.

References: This is based on the Institute of Cultural Affairs' Focused Conversation Method.

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