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Learning about the objectives, needs, and challenges of others. We often listen to reply, this is about listening to understand.



This is a tool for learning about the objectives, needs, and challenges of a person/group. It is a tool for increasing your curiosity that then positions you to be more helpful to others. You can use this tool individually or with groups.

You can do a Meet to Learn with a customer to become more helpful to them, with any colleague or team to increase your understanding of their work so that you can reduce friction between groups, or with a leader to better understand their vision and objectives so that you can align your own efforts with organizational priorities.




    Pre-requisite: watch the video before starting the practice part. 

    Identify a person (or group) about whom you want to increase your understanding.

    1. Get really curious and learn as much about the other’s “outside triangles” as you can—their roles, key objectives, challenges, needs, headaches, aspirations, and so on.

    2. Areas where you could help From your learning, jot down any ideas you have for improving your helpfulness around any of this person’s objectives, challenges, needs, and so on.

    Further instruction: When doing this together with a group, give each person a turn to be “interviewed.” It is everyone else’s job to learn as much as they can about the outside triangles of the person being interviewed. Ensure there is time for each person to take a turn to be interviewed. Remember, you are just trying to learn as much as you can about each other. You have no other objective.

    NB: even if participants have nothing in common at work (don't belong to the same team, don't work on the same topics, don't share the same challenges, etc.) there is ALWAYS something they can do to help one another - as simple as having a cup of coffee together and just listening to their headaches!


    Outward Mindset tool

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