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Hopes and fears

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Review positive and negative of the change, diffuse fears and build momentum. One of the first sequences of WiB#1 "New team set-up" and WiB#5 "Going through Change"



An action plan forward, facing the fears and benefitting from the hopes




    Step 1 (5 min):  Start by agreeing on “Targeted change or situation” and formulate it.

    Step 2 (10 min): Brainstorm in gallery mode or with post-its on the fears and the hopes.

    Step 3 (15 min): Build sub groups to work on the fears and hopes

    • Group on fears elaborate proposals to reduce or overcome fears, propose mitigation actions should fears actually become reality.
    • Group on hopes elaborate proposals to make the hopes come real and to leverage their effect

    Step 4 (20 min): Have each group present their proposals to the room and facilitate a discussion accordingly.

    Step 5 (10 min): Have the group as a whole formulate decision.

    Option: if there is time, 2nd short round, 2 groups; 3 top things to avoid and 3 top things to do in the next period for the team.


    Sequence is part of WiB#1 "New team Set-up" and WiB#5 "Going through Change"

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    • Great sequenz.

      4 months ago