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Gratitude Wall

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26 - 50 Low
Making good atmosphere between team members and staff in the organization and positive thinking


To leave nice notes to your team and people in your organization





    Number of participants: 26-50

    Types of participants: Participants that work in the same organization

    Ideal conditions: Wall big enough and visible to everyone on the training all the time

    Facilitator personality fit: Positive, open


    Put the big poster on the wall; write down Gratitude Wall on the top.
    Let people leave notes on it (gratitude for what they do and what they have found in the organization, for good team work and spirit, ...)


    Follow-Up Required: The wall should be visible all the time. Include the comments in the session summary. 

    Usual or Expected Outcomes: Wall full of nice notes


    Source: Sladjana Milosevic & Mobilis Ltd

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    • I think this would be a lovely activity for a small group as well (e.g., less than 26) and could even be personalized for individuals and gifts and strengths each individual has that the team is grateful for.

      over 1 year ago
    • This could be done online with a dedicated space on the online whiteboard (e.g., Miro, Mural, Klaxoon) or in the chat feature of the online platform (e.g., Zoom). It could be a lovely activity to do as a "waterfall" in the chat, where everyone types their message, but holds on hitting submit/send until the facilitator instructs them to - then all of the positive messages would appear as a "waterfall".

      over 1 year ago
    • Adds a positive element to teamwork

      over 4 years ago