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Solving social issues


Forum Theatre uses theatre to achieve social aims. The main goal of it is to have issue solved while the audience is involved in this process. It can be used with any type of audience. According to my own experience, forum theatre is most efficient when there is age difference between people attending the play. With their own views, ideas and solutions everything becomes more complex and interesting




    Organizers have to create meaningful plot for the play, it doesn't have to be long at all, as long as there is an important social issue that requires to be fixed. 

    The topics can be family, work, university related.

    Beforehand there are minimum 3 people chosen for actors, who will know the script and lines before the play begins.

    If any props are needed for the plot, they should be provided as well

    Audience has to be taught the rules of the theatre: 

    1.They just watch the play the first time and take notes about the issues that they might see.

    2. The second time play begins, they can raise hand anytime during the play once they see the issues again and they can swap the actor after that, so they can try their best to solve the problem.

    3.If needed play can be done third time as well, so everyone can participate and swap different characters.

    Once everything is set, the play begins. During the play there will be at least one problem shown, that audience has to take notes about.

    When the play is over, actors will have to start again from the beginning. During that time anyone from the audience, raises the hand and swaps the actor and tries the role of a character. Their main goal is to find a way to solve the problem.


    Once the play is over, organizers, actors and audience gather in the circle. Everyone gets to express their feelings about the play, to address the problem that was shown and describe the way it was solved. With the help of the flipchart all the ideas and possible ways of solution are written down, so everything can be summed up easily. 

    In most situations the questions that need to be answered are:

    - What did forum theatre teach you?

    - How easy was it to solve the problem?

    -  Was there only one solution or more?

    -  Have you ever had to deal with this type of situation in real life?

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