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Evolution of the Employee

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With this easy sequence you can help the team to open up their mind on what is the future way of working in comparison to the past. It gives some input and impulses to think about how we work today and how we could work in the future.

The team can define together how far they want to go, what is valid for them and what does not fit to them.

They can decide what they want to change and what to keep



Open up the mindset of future way of working

Get an idea about what will change in the way HOW we work

Have a common understanding of where the team wants to evolve to




    Let the team read the evolution of the employee information.

    Let them decide (by voting) the most imporant topics for them

    Let them work in groups on 

    - what details about this topic we want to discuss

    - what kind of ideas do we have to implement

    - what do we agree to do

    - what stays open for us (for later perhaps)

    At the end ask them in a retrospective way what was good, what not. 

    What did they learn from it?

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