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Emotion-Web (E-Web)

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An activity to help the team appreciate one another after a session or activity with the goal of showing the inter connectedness of one another in a team. Activity is good for small groups up to a maximum of 20pax.



To demonstrate appreciation for one another in a team while passing the string/rope to one another




    1. Have participants form a circle facing inwards.
    2. Pass the ball/roll of string/rope to one person and have him/her pass the entire roll to another person opposite them while holding on to the end of the string/rope. 
    3. The person who passed the roll is to share 1 or 2 appreciation statements regarding what the person has done in the previous activity or the end of the programme.
    4. After sharing, the person with the ball of string/rope is to pass the string/rope to another person opposite them while holding on to the piece of the rope. They can pass to anyone except to the people beside them.
    5. Keep passing the rope and sharing till it reaches the last person in the group. A web should be created at the end. (Similar to what is shown in the picture)

    Debriefing Points/Observations:

    • As we are working in different teams and with different people, we are all still connected in our own ways (through others or ourselves). 
    • Regardless of the source of connection, what we choose to do affects the people around us and when we show appreciation to one another, it often creates an ripple effect that affects others.
    • Observe what was shared with one another and how they appreciated one another as well as what was shared. 
    • Bring closure to the activity by summarizing the activity

    Extra Challenge: 

    • You can choose to sit on the web created while giving the debrief to emphasise the need to stick together and maintain those bonds. In this scenario, it is recommended to use rope instead of raffia string. 

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