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A technique to keep workshops running productively.

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This allows the group to capture items that are outside the scope of the meeting or session in a holding category that can be dealt with at another time. A parking lot helps channel potential disruptive behavior.


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  • Flip chart paper and markers



Setting: any

Number of participants: 6-50

Types of participants: any

Time needed: a few minutes the introduction & for each item parked

Pre-Work Required: none

Level of Difficulty to Facilitate (to be deleted during review): No specific skills required


1. At the introduction of the session the parking lot is introduced and how it operates.

2. When an issue or suggestion comes up that is outside the scope of the workshop, the facilitator (or a participant points this out.

3. The facilitator asks the group for their permission to put it in the parking lot.

4. If the group says yes, then it is put there.

5. If not the facilitator asks for clarification about its place in the workshop. The point here is to connect the idea to the work that has already been done.

6. The workshop continues.

7. At the end of the workshop the facilitator asks the group how the parking lot will be dealt with and who will be responsible.


Follow-Up Required: The parking lot needs to be dealt with.

Usual or Expected Outcomes: Participants who are anxious about getting ideas on the floor but are not part of the discussion have a place to list them.

Potential pitfalls: This can be seen and used as a way of avoiding a problem.


Alternative names: Parking Lot, Bike Rack, Refrigerator

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  • Make sure this is not used in such a way that participants feel their ideas are sidelined and diminished. Do come back to the items in the parking lot and make sure there is a plan for addressing each one.

    over 2 years ago