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Chanceful Thinking

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Probing negative situations playfully to discern possible positive implications

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The intent of this method is to change thoughts in a way to detect a positive chance in anything. The main question is: What is positive in..? It is very helpful in order to reach a change in perspectives. This method can not only create absurd ideas but also support a positive group climate since this activity can also bring a lot of fun.


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    Participants / The faciliatator should ask questions such as "What kind of positive aspicts are there when your house would burn down tomorrow?" "What kind of advantages would it bring if you would lose your job tomorrow?" Then, participants should come up with all kinds of postive aspects, even if they are of minor value. It is likely to reach an atmosphere of surprise and fun within the group. Several participants should answer one question and eventually come up with another question that other participants would have to answer. The procedure can even be widened by asking e.g. "What would your aunt, your brother, your best friend find positve about it?" This way, different characters can be included in the activity. Additionally, this would clarify that people having different character traits would also find various things rather positve respectively negative. It underlines further that having a postive or negative attitude towards something is always a subjective matter, not objective.


    Follow-Up Required: It could be a good idea to make a summary of all the positive aspects in the end of the session in order to highlight and emphasize the positive characteristics which can also be found in really bad things.

    Usual or Expected Outcomes: a change in mind, a more positive attitude, a better group feeling, the ability to see things from a different perspective

    Potential pitfalls: when there is already a bad attitude within the group, participants are not likely to detect many positive aspects; thus, the success depends on the participants and the ability of the facilitator to motivate participants


    Derived from: Mario Pricken

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