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The Sage Conversation

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Reflecting on being wise. Can be used in an advanced facilitators' course, or to set up a creativity session.

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To reflect on the experience of encountering people of wisdom and to experience the demand to become wise.


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Pre-Work Required: It is a good idea for the facilitator to review the questions and answer them.


1. I want us to look at wisdom. Some people seem to radiate wisdom. They enable people to see deeper, more profoundly than they normally do.


(note: these questions are arenas of questions to help seed your thinking. Not all of the questions should be asked. + indicates a separate set of questions.)

1. Who are some of the wisest people you have ever met?
+ Who are some of the wisest people in history?

2. What are the qualities that make them wise?
+ What did they really teach?

3. When have you been required to have these qualities?
+ What was the real issue they were dealing with?

4. What was it like to play the role of sage? What did it feel like? What were you aware of?
+ When have you had to deal with a similar kind of issue?

5. What are social situations where people need to come to terms with reality?
+ What are the major illusions of our time?

6. What practical insight do you have about how to become the sage to deal with these situations?
+ How would you train others to deal with these illusions?

One of the critical demands of our time has to do with the recovery of authentic wisdom. If we could unlock this in everyone, there would be a real transformation in society.


Source: Jon Jenkins

Derived from: The Focused conversation method of the Institute of Cultural Affairs

History of Development: It was developed for an advanced Training of Trainers program.

References: The structure of the conversations is the Institute of Cultural Affairs's Focused Conversation Method.

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