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Dealing with feelings Assessment

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6 - 9 any
This is an assessment tool that can be used for team building or for a way of sharing in a group that needs to work together.
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To assess capacity to deal with my own feelings and those of others and to be aware of the need to deal with feelings competently.


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  • The two worksheets (see attachment) need to be duplicated for the participants to have a copy. See files for the worksheets.



Setting: Relaxed setting

Types of participants: Anyone can benefit, especially those who hve a hard time dealing with their own or others' feelings

Time needed: 6 - 9 Min.

Ideal conditions: Relaxed without a lot of pressure to produce.

Pre-Work Required: It is best for the facilitator to go through the two sheets before the exercise begins.  Copy each of the worksheets for each participant.

Type of Facilitator-Client Relationship: Trusting relationship is needed.

Facilitator personality fit: The facilitator should be pretty comfortable dealing with their own and other feelings. They also need to be comfortable with sharing their own feelings.


1. We want to spend the rest of our time assessing the way we deal with feelings.
2. We're going to do a self-assessment and we will talk about it when we are finished. We will look at both how we deal with our own feelings and those of others.

1. There are two self-assessment sheets on feelings. One is 'Dealing with People's Feelings' and one is 'Dealing with my own Feelings'.
2. Please read them silently. Are there any questions?
3. Please be as honest as you can. You have 30 minutes to complete the forms. We will come back here when you are done. Are there any questions?
4. We want to spend the next bit of time individually reflecting.
  • Let us start with 'Dealing with People's Feelings'. Which categories did you mark yourself as 'competent'?
  • Which categories did you mark yourself 'need to do less'?
  • Which categories did you mark yourself 'need to develop'? Repeat for the 'Dealing with My Own Feelings'
5. What was difficult in this part of the exercise?
6. What was easy?
7. What is one area in dealing with feelings you would like to improve?
8. What is one step you could take to improve dealing with feelings?

1. Feelings are important clues for what is going on in a situation. Customer friendly behaviour requires that feelings are dealt with. Different cultures deal with them in different ways but they all deal with them.


Follow-Up Required: none

Usual or Expected Outcomes: Deeper understanding of how feelings are dealt with individually and as a group.

Potential pitfalls: People unwilling to share.


Source: Jon Jenkins

Recognizable components: The reflection part is based on the Institute of Culural Affairs Focused Conversation Method.


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