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Sweet Stories

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Using colour-coded sweets to generate a range of stories

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To enable participants to learn more about one another and to learn to trust each other a little more.


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    Pre-Work Required: Provide a large bag of colored candy pieces. They can be wrapped in various colors, or else color-coated like M&Ms. Adapt the storytelling color code to the colors of the candies you have. Groups under 10 may like to tell their stories in plenary; a larger group might benefit from working in smaller subgroups.


    1. Have each participant take one candy “do not eat it yet!"
    2. After participants have their candies, post the color code shown below so that participants can check what story they are to tell, based on the color of candy they chose
    3. Ask the group to take turns sharing with the group a story based on the following code:
    • Blue candy: A time at work when you felt very proud
    • Green candy: A boss you respected and why
    • Yellow candy: A reason you are proud to belong to this organization
    • Brown candy: an embarrassing moment at work
    • Orange candy: A time at work when you failed
    • Purple candy: A funny thing that happened to you at work
    • Red candy: A time at work when you were scared

    4. Eat the candy.
    5. Reflection with the group:
    • What are some things you have learned about one another in this round of stories?
    • How difficult (or easy) is it to share information about yourself with others?
    • How can we continue to learn more about one another in our work together?
    • What is one thing you are taking away from our discussion today?


    Source: Brian Cole Miller

    Recognizable components: Themes introduced to inspire storytelling

    References: Themes introduced to inspire storytelling

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