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Commitment & launch

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60 - 60 Low

Teambuilding exercise to build a concrete action plan in the team.





    STEP 1 - 10 mins

    Vote for an action: what does the team really want to do differently back in the office? Each person is given 3 votes to use on all actions recorded on the team log

    STEP 2 - 10 mins

    Taking inspiration from the whole workshop discussion, each person records on a card a personal commitment/action on how they will change their own individual behaviour when communicating

    STEP 3 - 20 mins

    In pairs. One person explains his/her personal commitment, the other person asks questions about what could help them to keep or prevent them from keeping that commitment; change roles half way through

    STEP 4 - 20 mins

    Whole group debrief: what is the most popular among the actions shared? group discussion on what would be the next step to implement the action and who is taking the lead on behalf of the team


    Created by Rémi Dumas

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