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Collaboration vs "supplier - customer" relation

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Move from "supplier- customer" relationship to collaboration through 3 steps: benefits and blockers for the current relation, define how to manage them in the new type of relation and identify what can be implemented to create this collaboration.



Move from "supplier- customer" relation mindset to collaboration mindset




    In introduction, we recommend you run this icebreaker :  Who is behind this secret ?

    Step 1 - Current situation (20 min)

    • Display 2 flipcharts: "As a customer" and "As a supplier" with 2 areas inside - "Benefits of the contractual relation in term of performance" and "Blockers of the contractual relation in term of performance"
    • Ask the group to write on post-its their answers
    • Cluster the similar answers (or bingo approach)
    • Ask the group to vote for 3 or 4 benefits or blockers which seems to be the one with the most important impact on their performance and choose the 4 to 6 with the most important number of votes.

    Step 2 - Future collaboration (30 min)

    • Create one flipchart by topic
    • Ask the group to take 5 min to reflect on 2 questions:
      • How do you manage these situations with colleagues?
      • How could you manage these situations in this new collaboration relation?
    • Share your ideas with the group

    Step 3 - Let's try (20 min)

    • Distribute the set of cards on collaborative behaviors and rituals, that the team can put in place as a team.
    • Decide what you want to implement to have a good collaboration relation.
    • Fulfill the canvas

    To close the workshop, we recommend you run this sequence : Workshop closure

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