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Brainstorm, Problem Solving


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    Setting: Pen and Paper, or Pinboards, depending on the size of the group

    Type of Facilitator-Client Relationship: The facilitator accompanies the group through the process of identifying the core problem, generating solutions and selecting a solution. If necessary, the facilitator can support the implementation process.

    Level of Difficulty to Facilitate (to be deleted during review): Facilitation skills required


    The method name DO IT stands for the following steps:

    • D - Define the problem
    • O - Open the mind and apply creative techniques
    • I - Identify the best solution
    • T - Transform

    When using the DO IT method, one must follow these stages, which will be explained in more detail in the following

    1. Define the Problem

      The first step ensures that the right questions are asked in the analysis of the problem. The following guidelines apply:

      • It is important to tackle the problem itself, not symptoms of the problem. The reason for the problem?s appearance needs to be found.
      • What are the bounds of the problem? The problem needs to be separated from other elements surrounding it.
      • Complex problems have to be split into smaller parts or sub problems, which are achievable and attainable.
      • The problem needs to be written down as concise as possible. Robert W. Olsen suggests using 2 word problem statements.

    2. Open Mind and Apply Creative Techniques

      As soon as the problem is defined the work group begins to generate possible solutions. Different brainstorm or creativity techniques from the IAF database can be used to generate ideas. However, at this stage ideas are generated, not yet evaluated. All ideas should be taken into account and written down, no matter how improbable they seem.

    3. Identify the Best Solution

      In the third stage, the best solution is selected from the previously generated ideas. For this, various decision making tools can be selected from the IAF database, such as the Force Field Analysis .

    4. Transform

      The final step of the DO IT method is to implement the selected solution(s).


        Usual or Expected Outcomes: DO IT serves as a creativity exercise in order to brainstorm and develop solutions in 4 steps.


    Source: Robert W Olsen

    Recognizable components: Brainstorm

    References: Brainstorm

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