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Creative Consultants

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An active game to warm up a group

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Creative Consultants is a way of breaking the ice with a large group.


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    Have each table select a scribe who will be taking notes for the whole group.

    Instructions: "Each table is a group of creative consultants tasked with coming up with the following ideas for a new product (we will come up with the product in a moment): name for the product, tag line or slogan, appropriate celebrity spokesperson, and a 30 sec jingle or commercial.

    There are 2 restrictions to know before you begin. First you will have 10 minutes and only 10 minutes to complete the task.

    Second, there is to be no discussion about choices made. Whatever is said first in the group MUST be unconditionally and unanimously accepted by all. This is signaled by the entire group loudly saying the word "YES!" whenever one of the items is completed. That means, if one person decides that "wallpaper" is a good name and you think it"s a poor one, you must accept

    "Wallpaper,? Yell out YES and move on.

    I will keep track of time. At the end of the 10 minutes, any group that would like to present their results and demonstrate their commercial will be welcomed. Any questions???

    Now let's get a product that we all will work on. What is a product that you would like to see invented...something that doesn?t exist but would make your life easier if it did? (Most times I use the first answer I hear. You can choose to do that or pick something relevant to the group). OK, we are all working on "....." 10 minutes, ready, go!


    Source: Izzy Gesell MSEd, CSP

    History of Development: Presented on Group Facilitation Listserve at http://www.albany.edu/cpr/gf/

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