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Appreciation relay

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Everyone in the team gives and receives appreciation from another person, passing the "appreciation" baton relay-race style!



More cohesion and raising energy and all-around good feelings in the team, in a quick way.




    Explain that each person will be giving appreciation to one other team member. Invite concrete and direct comments such as expressing thanks for something specific the other person did in a project.

    To pick names at random, you can use an online random name picker such as Wheel of Names, especially if you are online, or put everyone's name in a hat. 

    Pick a random person to begin or, if you are a team member as well as the group's facilitator, start yourself. Pick a second name at random: this is the person who will receive appreciation first. 

    The person who has received appreciation is the next one to go: pick a random name for them, and so on, until the last person is left. The last person will give appreciation to the one who started first, thereby closing the circle.

    Facilitator's notes

    This is a variation of many possible gratitude/appreciation rounds: because in this case everyone gives/receives appreciation to/from only one person, it is faster to run. 

    Using this method in a session

    Use the Appreciation relay to open a meeting with an established team, or to close the day after a workshop! 
    See for example how it fits into a Collecting learnings workshop, as a way to begin reflecting with your team on what you have learned from a past event. 

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    • Wheel of Names works very well. I can also recommend HeySpinner (, which works very similarly

      7 days ago