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A story formula

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To show participants that there is a typical set of ingredients that make up a story. Sequence 2 of WiB#18 "Once upon a team" around storytelling.



Participants guess game around ingredients that make up a story




    Before the session the facilitator prints out the “Hero’s Journey story formula”, enough for one copy per participant or make a poster of the visual.
    not give this out until the end.These first 5 points should only take about 5min. Do it fast!

    Step 1
    Facilitator puts the cards that show the titles of famous films in front of the team.

    Step 2
    Facilitator reads out one item from the first column of the Hero’s Journey and challenges the group to name the film

    Step 3
    The group can be split into smaller groups and make this a competition to find the right story ingredients.

    Step 4
    Each group calls out their answers. Note: you can expect the team to find two or three possible answers to each question.

    Step 5
    After each response the facilitator confirms that there may be more than one possible answer.

    These next two points should take up the rest of the time available for the method. Give the group time to discuss and understand how the Hero’s Journey can be used in their work situations.

    Step 6

    At the end of the questions the facilitator shows the Hero’s Journey formula and explains that many successful films follow the same formula for success. So no surprise that you had two or three answers to each question. See Hero’s Journey sheet.

    Step 7
    Facilitator asks how they noticed elements of the Hero’s Journey in Sequence 1 and explores how the team could use the Hero’s Journey in a work situation.


    - When they need to convince someone?

    - When they need to explain the urgency of a change situation etc.

    Key message/Recommendations: 

    Work stories like film stories can follow the Hero’s Journey structure. 

    To make a strong story at work the Hero’s Journey can be a useful formula


    Created for Workshop in a Box #18 by Mr Paul Magic Conway

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