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Four Opportunities to deal with "Air Hogs"

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There are 4 opportunities to deal with "air hogs":

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Giving all participants air time to express themselves


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    Pre-Work Required: 1. Before the session starts. involve people who are likely to want more time in the design or other aspects of the preparation process. They can participate in preparation meetings and their role can be discussed. For example, they can be given a formal role in the session such as conducting a presentation and/or serving as a subject matter expert.  

    2. Involve everyone at the beginning with a technique like a round robin or Focused Conversation. This sets the tone and demonstrates a mode of behaviour. The purpose of the session can be explained, ground rules including equal air time, should be used-- this sets a context for the whole group and for the individual.

    3. When the "hogging" starts, there are various techniques that can be used, such as nodding your head and saying yes faster and faster, thanking them and asking for other ideas; asking them to connect what they are saying to the topic at hand. 

    4. At the end of the ends of the session, use the evaluation as a way to help people become more sensitive to others in other sessions. An evaluation of the session can deal with content, process, participation and delivery of the session. 


    Source: Jon Jenkins

    Alternative names: Dealing with overly talkative people.

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