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Mission Pyramids

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A mission and vision workshop
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For a group to develop a mission statement or other similar statements.


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Setting: A4 or 81/2" by 11" paper, Flipcharts and markers

Number of participants: 11-25

Types of participants: any

Time needed: 2 - 3 hours

Pre-Work Required: none

Type of Facilitator-Client Relationship: Standard

Facilitator personality fit: Any manager with group experience or facilitator should be able to do this unless their is a conflict

Level of Difficulty to Facilitate (to be deleted during review): No specific skills required


1. Have the group individually develop a one-sentence definition of some term such as the mission of the organization such as leadership or "What is our purpose?" Ask them to put the statement on a sheet of paper.

2, Have them then work in pairs to reach consensus on their sentence. Again put the sentence on a sheet of paper

3. Ask the pairs to form foursomes and again reach a consensus on the statement. They put this statement on a sheet of paper.

4. This continues until there are two large groups..

5. The groups post the sheets of paper on two walls one for each group. The individual sheets on the bottom, next the pairs' sheets and so on until there is a pyramid formed.

6. At this point the facilitator leads a discussion to reach an agreement on the statement.

7. The reflection can go in several directions. How the ideas changed over time. How decisions were made in the different groups.


Follow-Up Required: none

Usual or Expected Outcomes: a single sentence statement of the mission of the organization

Potential pitfalls: The statement becomes too vague to be useful. The group has a very diverse understanding of the purpose of the organization and conflict arise.

How success is evaluated: A clear consensus on the mission statement


History of Development: unknown

Alternative names: Pyramids

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