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Andrea Beliczki

Pop-up Shop

Design a space that mirrors your product's experience.

Sometimes there's no substitute for the real thing. Test your assumptions by launching your business or service for one week.

Andrea Beliczki

Fake it 'Til you make it'

Create a design prototype without a single line of code.

Creating digital tools can be expensive, so it's critical to have confidence in your solution before starting to build. One trick is to test potential features of your digital solution using existing tools.

Andrea Beliczki

Ready, Set, Make

Create the best prototypes by turning up the competition.

Sometimes it's the thrill of competition that unlocks genius in rapid prototyping. Gather some of your colleagues, set some ground rules, and go for the gold.

Andrea Beliczki

Fly Flyer

Design a brochure featuring your new idea.

Capture the essence of your product or service with a snappy, beautiful brochure. Test it out and see what people think of it.

Andrea Beliczki

Flip Your Space

Prototype space to evoke emotions and understand behaviors.

Repurpose your space in the name of design. Rearrange a room to role play how a user might experience your service or product. Try out these methods early on in prototyping.

Andrea Beliczki

Six in Sixty

Iterate your way to better prototype.

Iteration can teach you something new about your prototype. If you flex this muscle early on in the process, it'll make your ideas better - and stronger - in the long run.

Andrea Beliczki

Paper Power Build

Get great by prototyping with simple materials.

Prototyping gets easier with practice. How about starting with something super simple? Exercise your prototyping muscle with Post-its or scratch paper.

Andrea Beliczki

Retail Therapy

Materialize your ideas using what's around you. 

It's easy to get stuck in a cycle of talking about our ideas, but design is all about action. Use this exercise to help your team move past theoretical concepts and start making things.

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