Andrea Beliczki

Fake it 'Til you make it'

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Create a design prototype without a single line of code.

Creating digital tools can be expensive, so it's critical to have confidence in your solution before starting to build. One trick is to test potential features of your digital solution using existing tools.



1. Determine what feature or idea you want to test.

2. Make a list of the available platforms that can mimic that functionality. Are you prompting users to take an action? Try writing a script and manually massaging via text or Whatsapp instead. Are you contemplating the best layout for a new website? Create a few quick mockups in Google slides and have people give you feedback.

3. Play around with those platforms. You can even have someone from your team mimic the right functionality remotely.

4. Set up a test, then ask yourself how the new feature or idea is working. What did you learn? What might you change about the original idea?

Project Example

For a financial coaching project, our team mimicked the behavior of a chatbot by using a script and SMS messages. By testing our idea with real users, we got the chance to make significant changes to the product's functionality based on the reactions before building the real thing.  

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