Andrea Beliczki

Paper Power Build

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Get great by prototyping with simple materials.

Prototyping gets easier with practice. How about starting with something super simple? Exercise your prototyping muscle with Post-its or scratch paper.



1. Grab a stack of paper and some scissors.

2. In four minutes, choose a prompt and build it out of paper:

  • build the tallest structure.
  • build the sharpest structure.
  • create a present for a loved one.
  • design your last meal.
  • build something you would like to sleep on.
  • build the perfect ant home.
  • come up with your own quirky prompt, it could be one detail of your product or service, or it could be something totally random.

3. After you complete your first prototype, repeat the same prompt one more time. Set your timer to four minutes and go!


Once you master this exercise with paper, try out a different material! Do this same exercise with foil, tape, plastic bottle, or any other material you have on hand.

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