Andrea Beliczki

Flip Your Space

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60 - 120

Prototype space to evoke emotions and understand behaviors.

Repurpose your space in the name of design. Rearrange a room to role play how a user might experience your service or product. Try out these methods early on in prototyping.



1. Think about the service you're providing. Where does the users' journey begin? What are they looking for? What's most important in the experience?

2. Now, imagine how a room might facilitate this experience. How are people flowing in and out of the space? What behaviors are you encouraging, and how can the space support these behaviors?

3. Using an office, conference room, or any available space, rearrange furniture to quickly mock up this new experience. Sheets make great dividers and signage can help users navigate the space.

4. Walk through the space as the user. How does it feel? What behaviors are being triggered? What feels comfortable? How about counterintuitive?

Project example

When re-imagining a pharmacy experience in the Congo, our team used part of their project space ti create a mini pharmacy out of existing furniture and posters. In the space, they prototyped different styles of merchandising displays for people to interact with.

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