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Design a brochure featuring your new idea.

Capture the essence of your product or service with a snappy, beautiful brochure. Test it out and see what people think of it.



1. Fold a piece of paper into thirds or into whatever your heart desires. 

2. Think about the flow of information. What's the first attention-grabbing- thing someone should know? Write a catchy brochure title and sketch out an image to go along with. In the interior, write descriptions of the key features of your product or service.

3. Lastly, include a call to action for the brochure user. Should they visit your website? Call a number? Think about what people would want to do next.

4. Put your brochure in the hands of your colleagues or users. What do they think of the product or service? How would they use it? What questions do they have?

Project Example

To design a campaign around contraception in the Congo, our design team created three brochures with three very different brands: one featured a girl, another was centered around providers and the last was about symbols and icons.

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