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Six in Sixty

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Iterate your way to better prototype.

Iteration can teach you something new about your prototype. If you flex this muscle early on in the process, it'll make your ideas better - and stronger - in the long run.



1. Think of something you'd like to make. It could be random (a pineapple!) or something relevant to your current project. Start small. For instance, if you're designing a reproductive health service for girls, you might rapidly prototype a new contraceptive holder.

2. Remove anything that may distract you (that means close your computer!) and gather supplies. Set a timer for ten minutes and build your first prototype. Don't overthink it.

3. Once you're done, take 30 seconds to test it out and reflect. What do you want to change?

4. Set a timer for another ten minutes, and build it again. Repeat this until you have six prototypes.

5. Reflect on your six prototypes. What changed? How did rapid iteration further your idea?


Transform this into a group exercise, with everyone iterating on their own. You will have at least 24 prototypes by the end of the hour.

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