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Ready, Set, Make

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Create the best prototypes by turning up the competition.

Sometimes it's the thrill of competition that unlocks genius in rapid prototyping. Gather some of your colleagues, set some ground rules, and go for the gold.



1. Write a design challenge related to your current project. Focus on one element of your product or experience. For example, you could create a new product feature, a brand logo, or a marketing campaign.

2. Create teams and find some judges.

3. Set a time frame to ideate, build and present. Make sure you have some prototyping supplies ready ahead of time.

4. On the day of the contest, share your pitches, and let the judges pick a winner.

Project example

Our design team created competitive pitches to try a few different ways to share the value of the new, global vaccine ecosystem. Afterward, the team was able to synthesize these pitches into one compelling story that outlined the vision of the new ecosystem.

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