Andrea Beliczki

Pop-up Shop

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Design a space that mirrors your product's experience.

Sometimes there's no substitute for the real thing. Test your assumptions by launching your business or service for one week.



1. Write out some of the key questions you want to answer via prototype (e.g. what are effective channels to get the word out about our service? How much are people willing to pay?)

2. Find a place to set up shop. Can you rent a kiosk for a week? Can you repurpose an existing service point your organization runs?

3. Come up with a name for your business, buy a couple of matching t-shirts and clipboards for your team, and create any communication materials you might need. Focus on moving quickly rather than perfecting the details.

4. Run your business or service for one week and observe how things go. Try to understand why do or don't engage, and what elements of your solution seem to be resonating.


While working on a health insurance project in Tanzania, our team redesigned the brochures, marketing materials, and posters of the current service. Then they had the salespeople go out and do their sales with all the new messaging and materials.

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