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Getting started as a facilitator and improving your practice doesn’t need to be daunting. 

Check out our resources on the fundamentals of facilitation to learn all about becoming an effective facilitator and brush up on your core facilitation skills! 


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Explore the practice and learn from others with Facilitation Stories

Learning from the real life experiences and best practices of other facilitators is a great way to improve your skills, get inspired and add new ideas to your toolbox.

In this series, we’ll explore stories from the frontline, share practical tips, and reflect on the experiences of expert facilitators.

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In this series we will focus on 4 key obstacles, and discuss pathways to becoming more resourceful facilitators:

📈 Keeping up with the trends and adapting to rapid change

🤝 Collaborating with your team

🔥 Transforming conflict 

⌛ Managing time

Every Tuesday, you’ll receive an email with practical tools and ideas to overcome each challenge, actions to take, stories from real-life cases and additional resources to keep on learning.

Discover new activities in our series on Facilitation techniques and methods

Techniques, methods, activities and games: there are so many ways a facilitator can engage a group and help them reach their goals.

Add new methods to your facilitation toolbox and learn how and when you might use them with our techniques and methods collection! 

Whether you’re looking for games to energise a group, solve problems or build leadership skills, we have a set of activities for you!

Go deeper with our facilitation guides and resources

Want to learn about a particular aspect of facilitation or group dynamics? Take a deep dive on your chosen subject with one of our long-form guides.

We cover everything from virtual facilitation, setting up your room for an engaging session and using facilitation frameworks for success. 

Become a better facilitator and learn how to approach some of the challenges you might encounter in your facilitation career! 

Find new exercises,
activities and games in our public library

Need an icebreaker to kick-start your workshop, or want to help your group make a decision? Find the perfect method to get the results you need in the SessionLab library.

Browse hundreds of tried and tested workshop activities and templates and add the ones you need to your session with a single click.

SessionLab helps our colleagues save time in designing sessions, and the biggest value is that it makes us really thoroughly prepare for the workshop and design the right process. SessionLab helps us prepare meetings and workshops on a better level, which directly leads to achieving business goals faster.
Verena Köppel
Verena Köppel
Transformation Expert, Haufe​

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