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Words of silence

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1 - 45 Medium

Experiment a simple collective intelligence technique that helps to make decision quicker



Quick decision making

All voices / ideas are heard 




    Step 1: Write the question on a flipchart and ensure good understanding

    o It all happens in silence

    o Each one to go in turn to silently write one 1 word or short sentence on the flipchart

    o Please ensure you don't write twice the same thing on the board

    o Once you go…

    o … Wait 30 seconds after the last participant has sat before proceeding to the next step

    Step 2: Still in silence, please come in turn and circle 3/4 items that you see as the most important challenges written on the flipchart

    o … run the math, add up

    o Highlight the most prominent challenges…

    Vigilance: don’t reopen discussions at this stage.

    Step 3: How to handle those selected challenges ?

    o Now please get together and think on how to meet those challenges

    o If the group brings solutions forward : congratulations and round of applause

    o If not: You managed to agree within 10 minutes on the key challenges and the action to be followed if any


    This sequence has been done during Collective intelligence training for the tribe supporting DDMS Single Aisle Ramp Up Programme

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