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Look into the future

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Projecting the team into the future.



Team has shared about and set its goals, purpose, value and offer to their customer. Manager had the possibility to express his/her own view about objectives and priorities in the next 12 months. Manager and team have shared mutual expectations




    TEAM in groups, 4/5 people max, MANAGER – working separately

    Step 1 (20 min): What will this team look like in 12 months ?

    1. Using drawing only, represent what the team should do, should be, etc...
    2. Think of 3 words to attach to your drawing:

    - 1 word to describe the main Purpose we want for this team
    - 1 word to describe the most important Value the team would need to be successful
    - 1 word to describe the team’s main Offer to their customer

    Step 2 (20 min): Objectives and important topics to be handled in the future

    Manager: objectives and expectations

    - what are the objectives for the team, what are the priorities in the next 12 months?

    -what are the expectations from the manager towards the team?

    Team groups: ambitions and expectations

    - what are the ambitions we want to achieve together in the next 12 months?

    - what are the expectations from the collaborators towards the manager?

    Step 3 (40 min): Debrief on both exercises

    Give 10 minutes per group & manager to present (adjust time based on total number of groups) 

    Create an action log and record all the potential actions, and then:

    - Clarify the actions if needed with the group

    - Add any missing ones

    - Vote to prioritize the actions if needed.

    - Ask when will the next review of this list take place

    - Ask for volunteers to take the lead on each action and ask for a delivery date

    Option: step 1 can be removed according to time constraints. Will shorten as well the debrief. 

    If you run it remotely, prepare & share a Jamboard with the participants, step 1 could be done as pre-work, you can use the camera to share your drawings / images. Use the sequence "how to vote remotely?"


    Sequence is part of both WiB#1 "New team set-up" (full scheme) and WiB#4 "New manager" (only step 2 and 3)

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