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Look into the future

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Projecting the team into the future.



Team has shared about and set its goals, purpose, value and offer to their customer. Manager had the possibility to express its own view about objectives and priorities in the next 12 months. Manager and team have shared mutual expectations




    TEAM in groups, 4/5 people max, MANAGER – working separately

    Step 1 (20 min): What will this team look like in 12 months ?

    1. Using drawing only, represent what the team should do, should be, etc...
    2. Think of 3 words to attach to your drawing:

    - 1 word to describe the main Purpose we want for this team
    - 1 word to describe the most important Value the team would need to be successful
    - 1 word to describe the team’s main Offer to their customer

    Step 2 (20 min): Objectives and important topics to be handled in the future

    Manager: objectives and expectations

    - what are the objectives for the team, what are the priorities in the next 12 months?

    -what are the expectations from the manager towards the team?

    Team groups: ambitions and expectations

    - what are the ambitions we want to achieve together in the next 12 months?

    - what are the expectations from the collaborators towards the manager?

    Step 3 (40 min): Debrief on both exercises

    Give 10 minutes per group & manager to present (adjust time based on total number of groups) anything to be recorded on the action log?

    Option: step 1 can be removed according to time constraints. Will shorten as well the debrief. 

    If you run it remotely, prepare & share a Jamboard with the pax, step 1 could be done as a prework, you can use the camera to share your drawings


    Sequence is part of both WiB#1 "New team set-up" (full scheme) and WiB#4 "New manager" (only step 2 and 3)

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