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Digital Society School

Empathy map

An empathy map is a tool to help a design team to empathize with the people they are designing for. You can make an empathy map for a group of people or for a persona.

To be used after doing personas when more insights are needed.

Digital Society School

Dot voting

Dot voting is a collective way of prioritizing and converging on a design solution that uses group voting.

To be used when there are more ideas than can be feasible to develop further.

Digital Society School

Empathy in action

Empathy in action is a way to help people empathize with, and understand a specific situation that is foreign to them.

To be used when you have collected enough data to understand a problem and need to let people unfamiliar with the problem empathize with it.

Digital Society School

Design persona

Following a similar structure of the Persona method, give your design personality by creating a design persona. This can be through visual design, copy, and interactions.

To be used when it is time to focus on product experience.

Digital Society School

Emoji story

An Emoji story is a method to interpret collected data by translating it into a story. In the story, you leave out specific words that describe important and emotional concepts and change them for Emoji‘s.

To be used after having collected data of user behaviour, context and emotions.

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