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Dot voting

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Dot voting is a collective way of prioritizing and converging on a design solution that uses group voting.

To be used when there are more ideas than can be feasible to develop further.



Allows for a consensus on which ideas need to be developed further and the reasons behind that.



1. Select a group of people and invite them to a session. Arrange a location and materials for the session.

2. As moderator, list down the ideas you want to vote for, and explain them where needed.

3. Ask each participant to vote on their top 2 or 3 by using dots. Give them a limited number of dots, and they have to assign more to the idea they like the most.

4. Count votes and arrange them in popularity.

5. Discuss the reasons behind the hierarchy and see if the best idea(s) can be taken to the next level.


The group should contain at least 4 people and no more than 20.


A selection of the most popular ideas according to the group.


Take the most promising ideas to the next level, kill your darlings.


Source: Digital Society School

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