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Empathy in action

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Empathy in action is a way to help people empathize with, and understand a specific situation that is foreign to them.

To be used when you have collected enough data to understand a problem and need to let people unfamiliar with the problem empathize with it.



Sometimes stakeholders need to see the situation differently.



1. Analyze data that the team has gathered.

2. Do a brainstorm on how to make people that are completely unfamiliar with the topic, quickly understand and empathize with the problem.

3. Develop a quick prototype of a physical experience and test it within your own team.

4. Collect feedback, and use what you have learned to refine the prototype you have created. Does it make people empathize with the problem?

5. Iterate on the prototype until it achieves your goal.

6. Present the prototype to your audience.

7. Record videos, take photos and analyze the data to gather insights.


Make sure the message is clear and that the experience is not offensive.


A prototype that can be used to let people understand the problem.


Collect insights and design opportunities.


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