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Design persona

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Following a similar structure of the Persona method, give your design personality by creating a design persona. This can be through visual design, copy, and interactions.

To be used when it is time to focus on product experience.



A Design Persona helps you target the personality the user will experience in your design.



1. Organise a session for the complete team, find a quiet room, take care of markers and paper, sticky notes, etc.

2. In preparation, download the Design Persona template at the creator’s website: and print a copy for each team member.

3. During the session, go through the template step by step, ll it in individually.

4. Discuss the different personalities in the group and try to find common ground in how you think (as a team) what personality the design should have.

5. Work out the final design persona, give it a name, visualise it on a large piece of paper, hang it up on the wall as a reminder to take the personality into account when you make new design choices.


Take it seriously, since the method is as powerful as it is simple when applied well.


A large poster with your design’s personality sketched out, and a document with examples of how your design ‘talks, behaves and feels’.


Role playing is a fun way to test your design’s personality.


Source: Digital Society School

REFERENCE: WALTER, Aarron; SPOOL, Jared M. Designing for emotion. 2011./

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