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Stakeholder Round Robin Brainstorm

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This can be used in any divergent process where there are different perspectives.


To generate ideas from the perspectives of the different stakeholders in the process and to gain insights into these different perspectives.





    Setting: There should be one flipchart for each stakeholder perspective. If there are more people than stakeholders have one flipchart per person.

    Pre-Work Required: The focus question should be thought through


    1. At the top of each of the flipcharts put the name of the stakeholder or perspective. If there are more people than perspectives put additional ideas at the top of the additional flipcharts.

    2. Have each person stand at a flipchart.

    3. Give them 2 minutes to think about the perspective on the flipchart in front of them and to brainstorm ideas.

    4. Have every one move one flipchart to their right (or left).

    5. Repeat Step 3.

    6. Continue this until everyone one has brainstormed on every flipchart.


    Follow-Up Required: Go to the "Groan Zone" or to clustering.

    Usual or Expected Outcomes: list of ideas from each of the stakeholder perspectives

    Potential pitfalls: not all of the perspectives represented


    Source: Jon Jenkins

    Derived from: Brainwriting when it became difficult to display the material in a brainwriting exercise.

    Recognizable components: This is similar to brainwriting.

    References: This is similar to brainwriting.

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    • Top-notch method! Builds stakehoder empathy

      2 years ago
    • This helps people stand in others' perspectives, and therefore broaden their understanding.

      2 years ago