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Sharing of solutions to problems that work from different teams and perspectives

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To pick up helpful solutions from others who have confronted the same problems


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  • Lap-top and video-bim for the presentations prepared or flip-charts and white-boards depending on the format of participants' presentations



Setting: Each group has to prepare presentation on how they solved certain problem which is of interest for other groups

Types of participants: Participants that work on the same task within organization but are geographically dislocated (those can be teams implementing same project at few locations, people working in municipalities that may have same problems in their work)

Ideal conditions: Large room, theatre setting

Pre-Work Required: Facilitator has to help in the preparation of the event. She/he has to help teams to choose which solution of the problem they want to present to others and to coordinate prepartion of teams

Type of Facilitator-Client Relationship: Facilitator worked with groups before and is aware of problems and importance of sharing experience

Level of Difficulty to Facilitate (to be deleted during review): Facilitation skills required


1. Each team choose to present a problem they have solved and that would be of an interest for other teams' members
2. Each team presents their solutions
3. Questions and answers from other groups


Follow-Up Required: Groups (teams) will keep contact and help each others in the implementation of good solutions

Usual or Expected Outcomes: Experience shared on how to perform certain tasks and overcome problems

How success is evaluated: At the end by written or oral evaluation. After few days or weeks by examining if other groups applied good practices

Examples of successes and failures: Successfully implemented during many trainings of municipalities staff who shared experience on how they solved certain problems.
Success with teams working on the implementation of same project at different locations, within one program.


Source: Sladjana Milosevic & Mobilis Ltd

History of Development: Used during strategic planning process for municipalities in Serbia and facilitation of staff retreats of teams who implemented same projects in different cities around Serbia

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  • Affirms the success of groups while providing solutions for others. It may be helpful to have a facilitated discussion after the presentations to explore what people have learned from each other.

    over 3 years ago