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The Guessing Game

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A warm-up similar to charades

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Warming up, getting everyone energized


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  • papers
  • a pen and a hat or bowl.


Everyone gets 4 papers to write down a famous person who everyone is supposed to know (take care in international surroundings to choose very famous people). Then in round 1 someone picks a paper, and starts to describe the person, without using capital letters and without using the name itself. Only people from his or her own team can guess (any amount of teams will do). Then when all the papers are finished the points are counted, and the papers go back into the hat or bowl. Then in round two, a person takes a paper and describes the name, but by only using one single word! So one word, no expressions or noises, just one word (Michael Jackson could become "Nose"). After this round the points are counted again between teams. Then in the third round the person must act out the name, (Tiger Woods would be enacted by hitting a golf-club or something). And then the game is done. In every round, each member of a team should get to pick a paper, so keep track of orders. There will be 1 minute of guessing for every team, until all the papers are finished.

Usual or Expected Outcomes: good atmosphere, lots of energy


Source: Jan Bruin

Derived from: Some games we played with friends over the years.

Alternative names: Scoting

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