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Thiagi Group

Triple Nine

The key to such procedures as need analysis, market research, and evaluation is the ability to find patterns in available information, collect additional information, and come to logical conclusions. We devised a game with a pocket calculator to teach this type of logical thinking.

Hyper Island

Stakeholder Analysis

Managing stakeholders can help you ensure that your projects are met with success where others might fail. This activity supports you to identify your project’s stakeholders. It helps you take into account everyone who significantly impacts a decision, or could be affected by it. Identifying who has various levels of input and interest in your projects can help align decisions.

Gamestorming methods

Manage What You Measure

Measures of success vary across an organization. Executives concern themselves with company-wide Objectives involving Revenue, Cost, Profit, Margin and Customer Satisfaction.

Further down the org chart, management and individual contributors rate performance against more detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tracking customer behavior: a product manager may measure app downloads, or number of shopping cart items per visit. These customer behaviors clearly affect the larger corporate Objectives, but how? and which have the most impact?

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