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Thiagi Group

Angry Customers

Training Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to handle angry and abusive customers is a tough challenge. Effective communication with an angry customer requires a combination of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. As a part of our training session, we use this rapid roleplay activity.
Office General

OPP - Ordering Personal Protective Equipment 2.0 Unstructured Email Extraction

An intelligent solution that use multiple NLP Vendors to extract the write Entities from an unstructured email of ordering PPEs. The Robot is mix&match the best results of all those NLPs. It uses Human in the Loop for validation.

The solution is quite good so, you can invite to send free text emails and analyze results.

Uipath Tech: ActionCenter ,AICenter

Tech: MicrosoftNLP, StanfordNLP, FuzzyMatching, GoogleTextAnalysis, Email
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